Integration Guide for Stripe

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  1. Introduction
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    The Stripe integrations are for existing users only. If you are an existing user of a Stripe integration and have a question, please reach out to If you are an existing Stripe user, Stripe Tax is a good fit for your business.

    When we announced TaxJar’s acquisition by Stripe in April 2021, we set off on a path to build the world’s most unified sales tax platform and our teams have worked closely together to reach some important product milestones in building Stripe Tax.

    • Available in over 40 countries, Stripe Tax enables you to automatically calculate and collect the right amount of tax based on where you are registered, where your customers are located, and what you are selling.
    • Stripe Tax also helps you monitor your obligations and provides reporting for filing and remittance. Integration is as simple as flipping a switch in your dashboard or adding one line of code.

    Learn more about Stripe Tax here.

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