Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Introduction

    How do I get a sandbox account?

    TaxJar provides a sandbox environment on all TaxJar Plus plans. You can generate a sandbox API token inside the TaxJar app under Account > SmartCalcs API. From there, you can point your API client to our sandbox URL at

    What is your API uptime and response times?

    Our sales tax API clocks in at sub-75ms with 99.99% uptime. Check our status page for more information.

    Does your sales tax API enforce rate limits?

    Yes, we do enforce rate limits for SmartCalcs API requests:

    If you have any concerns about rate limiting, please contact us.

    How do I reset my API token?

    At this time you will need to contact TaxJar support to reset your API token. Upon reset, your old token will immediately stop working and you can log in to generate a new token. We plan to offer automatic resets in the near future.

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