Certification Checklist

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction

    When building a TaxJar integration, use this checklist as a guide to what we look for during the certification process. If you check everything off on this list, chances are you’re ready to submit your integration.  🎉

    Onboarding & Authentication

    • In addition to the guidelines linked above, use “API token” terminology — rather than “API key.”

    • Follow all UX guidelines. Please also:
    • Introduce the integration in the right context. Take an approach that fits with the platform. For example, if you’re developing a shopping cart integration and there is a Sales Tax Processors admin menu: it may make sense to place TaxJar settings in Sales Tax Processors > TaxJar.
    • Be upfront about the features provided in the docs and/or within the integration itself.
    • Allow merchants to sign up for TaxJar if embedded within your solution.
    • Hide TaxJar settings until an API token is provided.


    • Preferable: Separate options to turn on/off each
    • Minimum: Single option to turn on/off reporting only (calculations assumed with an API token)

    • Preferred: Provide a nexus management view where users can update their nexus addresses in the platform, similar to our Magento integrations.
      • Pass nexus addresses to the nexus_addresses[] param for calculations.
      • This method allows for full control over nexus addresses with international support.
    • Minimum: User’s nexus regions are synced from TaxJar via v2/nexus/regions
      • List TaxJar nexus regions somewhere in the platform: TaxJar settings or another appropriate view.
      • Allow user to manually sync nexus regions from TaxJar.

    • API requests / responses should be logged to a local file or somewhere in the platform for a merchant to view so they can more easily receive support for technical or tax-related issues.

    • Preferred: Users should be able to select a category using a dropdown synced with v2/categories either manually or on a recurring basis.
    • Minimum: Provide a field for users to enter a product_tax_code.

    • Users should be able to exempt specific customers from sales tax from within the platform.
    • Customers should be synced or enqueued on save.

    Sales Tax Calculations

      • For product-level discounts, pass the discount amount to the line item’s discount param.
      • Distribute order-level discounts to the discount param of each line item, making sure to follow this advice.

    • Avoid unnecessary API calls to v2/taxes by understanding the concept of sales tax nexus. If a customer’s delivery address is not in a state in which a merchant has nexus, no sales tax needs to be collected; therefore, there’s no need to calculate tax.
      *Keep in mind this only applies to US-based sales. Tax may need to be calculated for other jurisdictions.

      *Required for shopping cart integrations

    Sales Tax Reporting & Filing

    Pass the following required params for transactions:

    • Reminder: amount should equal the total amount of the order, including shipping. Exclude sales_tax.

    • Gift cards are tax-exempt when purchased, but do not reduce tax when applied to an order.

    Push all US-based transactions to TaxJar including:

    • We require ALL transactions be pushed to TaxJar regardless of nexus or taxability. TaxJar customers use our Sales and Transactions Checker to see their aggregated order data and determine if they’ve hit an economic nexus threshold in a given state.

    Update transaction details if they’re changed after being pushed to TaxJar via:

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